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How to Check Your Pet's Vitals

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to check your pet’s vitals? The entire concept can be a scary thought if you’ve never been shown how but it’s actually pretty simple. It’s also incredibly important. Knowing this information can be crucial when determining if you have an emergency on your hands but it’s equally important to know what’s normal for your pet during their everyday routines. This knowledge can be a huge help if a crisis hits and can give you confidence when having to make difficult decisions.

Check out this video from Red Bank Veterinary Hospital that shows you how to properly check your pet’s vitals.

If you find readings that are outside the normal range, discuss these findings with your Veterinarian. Keep in mind however, that it doesn’t necessarily mean the findings aren’t normal for them. What’s important is to monitor your findings so you can have educated discussions with your Veterinarian.

Use the cheat sheet below to test your own pet. Test them when they are at rest and again after a normal walk.

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